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Prayer Requests May 2024

Pray We will Be Gentle Evangelists

 "  But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect."              1 Peter 3:15

Adejoke Update Prayer Request: Lord Jesus should help me, take away ever fear, that the Lord Jesus should restore is Joy into my marriage, the Lord Jesus should let his might hands rest on my children. And that in the Journey am embarking on, I want favour to go with me. The Lord should heal me from every depression.

Ann Update Prayer Request: For my relationship to work

Elizabeth Update Prayer Request: May God give me a good spouse.amen

Gauri, Kanpur Depression test

Harun, Kenya Be a committed christian, permanent end on alcoholism and peaceful family.

Priyanshi, Nainital Overthinking

DeL, Davao Oriental Prayer to overcome fear and depression because of many dept that cause ONLINE Lending apps that keep on harassing me

Rohab Depression test

Chinonso, Update Prayer Request: Good evening house please I really need God to help me in my marriage and my traveling to outside country because I went to relocate so I can so I can fulfill my dream

Divya, IND I am very worried about my husband. He does not respect me. He goes against my character. I do not want to stay with him at all. I feel I will go away somewhere. I do not even have that much money to do any course or pursue further studies. I do not want to be dependent on my parents. Please help me

Pratayee, India Please help get out from deepresion.

JACINTA, India I feel so alone like no one really loves me or understands me

Abdullah, Syria For depression

Deborah, Nigeria I need good health I need sound and perfect mind/brain to overcome anxiety

Jaiss, India I want my crush to be my boyfriend

Steffanie, Philippines I want to change my way of living And i pray to know God more his power and ability

Edith, Ghana  Prayer request I ask for God’s grace to overcome hurt and broken heart and also to pass my final exams once. I ask for God’s grace to sail through my life in other to be able to forgive myself and my husband to be fully and my upcoming marriage and to love and take good care of my step children

Anne, Kenya Please pray for me for months been felt with anxiety I lost a large sum of money and was accused of stealing it since then ave wanted to commit suicide to end my suffering but God has always been around pliz pray for me all this comes to an end

Pleasure, India Together again my ex wife Smt

Chand, Update Prayer Request: My eyes retina is damage  operation in  this Saturday please kindly praying for me 

yashika, Durg chhattisgarh Please remove all the negative and tension from my life

Vivian, Aba I want God to grant me inner peace take away every burden from me.

Huda, Kenya  I pray to pass my form 4 exams and become a pilot,,,,,,have a lasting rshp wid husu

Lorlie, Philippines  I am blest and encouraged by the testimonies Pls pray for my spiritual growth My ministry in christian life coaching God will use me

Syeda, Pakistan/Gujranwala May Allah bless u

Analisabeth, Tanzania Pregnancy prayer

Peter Am depressed because i have been heartbroken

Sonam, Moga Punjab Sir please check my mind

Carla, Romania Im crying

Ruth, Argentina I do not feel like doing anything. I think I'm going through depression.

Omkar, India I pass 12th, I pass SET, I pass Agniveer, I pass

Esther, Delta state  I pray for a blessed and happy marriage

Jovita, Philippines Complete healing for my husband's second stroke.That he can walk and talk provisions also for therapies and caregivers to personal needs

Added 20/5/2024

 Sowmdharya, Pollachi depression and over thinking

Veronica, Gurugram Relief

Dulsy, Sri Lanka Please give me some peace


Catherine, Arusha  I want prayers on how to overcome pressure while playing basketball and for my academic studies

Kristian, Rizal Province, Philippines I am battling my anxiety. My hand shakes when I'm nervous, I cant perform well on my job and overthinking all the time. It affects my relationship with my family. Being sad all the time and disappointed on my self because I know I can do better. I hope you pray for me. Thank you very much. God Bless

Marcio, Caboverde Tou muito triste ultimamente (I'm very sad lately)

ፍፁም ሻጋና. (Shagana.) ኢትዮጵያ ሀዋሳ  (Hawassa, Ethiopia) የአግዚአብሔር ሢራ በኃይል ኢንዲሴራና እንዲ ጌሌገል ትልቅ ራዕይ አሌኝ የወንጌል ስርጭት ኢየወጣውኔኝ አጌዙኝ በጌታ ፍቅር እወዳቸዋለሁ(I have a great vision of the spread of the gospel, guide me with the love of God.)

Wario, Ethiopia  Love of Jesus Christ is risen in the world with giving his own life!

Prakriti, India  I want to be happy in my life , I just want someone with me

 Arooba, Pakistan Faisalabad  I'm mentally ill please help me

Ebere Let God destroy every foundation of premature death in my father's house.

Warraich, Pakistan Depression is very bad we need to overcome from these things

Ladan, Somalia Help

Tania, Chakwal Pray for mental peace

Faith, Nigeria Thank you HolySpirit

Barnie, Ghana To be grounded in Christ

Sapna, India Overthinking

Akinwale,  NIGERIA  I pray I get over this grief of loosing my loving husband.i pray for wisdom to train my 2 kids, I need knowledge, patient and financial breakthrough

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