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Prayer Requests Issue 1 June 2024

Pray God's Word will go Out 

" So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty; but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it."          Isaiah 55:11

June 2024, Issue 1

Pauline Nairobi, Feeling for depressed need prayers to keep me strong

David Nigeria,  I want to live a life that please God , I want breakthrough

Sawula Uganda, Breakthrough,Family stability. Financial breakthroughs. Get a new home. Academic success

Chiamaka Nigeria,  For divine growth, provisions, grace and favour. Amen

Munawar Sanjar pur/Pakistan, Online business

Ifeanyi Nigeria, For reinstatement in my previous job. To overcome feelings of failure, shame, anxiety, fear e.t.c For God to intervene in my son's case at school.

Cynthia Kenya, Insomnia Financial instability Grieving my darling Mom Forgetfulness

Helen Nigeria, I'm praying for wealth and marital settlement. so help me God, Amen

Maggy Windhoek, I would like to get closer to the Lord...and for good health,financial breakthrough. Family problems, family protection

Susan Harare, To become stronger

Fardawsa Somalia, I would like my menta health

Psyrus.  I need to overcome the passions of the flesh, I desire to serve God in truth and spirit

Mbulwa  Kenya, I really am in financial constraints and my child is very sick and I don't have the funds to take her to the hospital

Ishu Delhi, Depression


Melissa Canada,  My depssion is very bad

Sruthi India, Show your kindness on us and help to fulfill our dreams

 Leena Pune, Who's my future husband

Leana Papua New Guinea, Need a intervention for my marriage and family. My husband has been systematically abusive and violent to me.

awpi, I hope to qualify to become a 2024 PKN STAN student

Lauren South africa,  Prayer for God to heal my soul, heal my home my family.

Charles Penrith, Prayers for success in implementing universal lifelong learning by 2030

Gazala, Plzzzz suggest me how to overcome anxiety,there r Lotz of stress in my life

Amos Eldama ravine, Kindly pray for me am highly indebted and depressed

Dane PH, Peace of mind. Wisdom. Spiritual growth.

Honey Bulandshahr/India, Meri mental health thick Kar do (fix my mental health)

Jeffrey Delta ughelli, Need help fighting anxiety

Everil Malaysia, Please pray for me to feel better. To have peace, hope, joy and happiness.


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