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Anxiety treatments exposed

Updated: Apr 24

Take a few minutes to hear Dr James Marcum MD and Cardiologist relate how meditating on Bible passages can help every cell in your body. Modern medicine is good for treating medical crises but not so good at long term solutions. Dr Marcum reflects on two Bible passages: 1 Peter 5:6 and Philippians 4:6 in this video and explains how they help with long term healing of the body. For these and other passages go to the website. ministry is undertaken with the understanding that visitors have or will seek the necessary medical help to treat any physical conditions associated with their affliction. For our ministry it is both gratifying and disturbing at the same time, that Beyond Blue, a highly reputable Australian Counseling Service, just as an example, deals with 6,000 people a day treating their physical symptoms for anxiety and depression.  However, the Bible says the root cause of our affliction is our lack of peace with God and our ministry is attempting to help with the root problem.

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