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Prayer Requests March 2024

Pray We will Go with Urgency


"  And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled."                      Luke 14:23


Prayer request of REPENTANCE


Eunice, Uganda

For GOD to forgive me



i was severely bullied when i was a kid and i try to reach out to my parents but they wont listen. Now that , im an adult there are triggers like words or scenarios that made me feel bursting out all of my emotions that i have hidden over the years. Now Im having evil thoughts of killing myself but i know that there are people who look up on me. Please pray for me to overcome this extreme numb and sadness. Praying God hears me!


Selected other Prayer requests


Deepen, India

My son who is in college is feeling tired evrn after sleeping for long hours.Please pray that he may feel less stressed .



I pray for healing, mentally, emotionally and physically.. Praying for anxiety . Praying for Gods mercy on me. Praying for forgiveness


Marietta, Brunei

Anxiety prayer and good health for my family


Kingsley, Nigeria

I pray that may deliver me from evil thought


Leon, Philippines

I requested to be a part of your prayers to help get away bad things in my life


Tunrayo, Mushin

Oh Lord heal my heart mind soul and body from anxiety and depression


Chelly, Rwanda

Prayer against depression


Christina, Malawi

For the fights between me and ny family to end soon


Elsie, Philippines

Please pray for my husband to accept Jesus as His personal Saviour and be baptized....and also with my children to have strong faith in Jesus....


Doris, Nigeria

I request for healing if my heart and inner peace , and forgiveness


Pray for our world - is now GLOBAL! Our promotion is now reaching out to every country on earth. We have had 12,241 visits since we went global 7 days ago. Here are some amazing results as visitors from these countries were negligible in number before we went global:


Argentina (1,399), Venezuela (1,468), Indonesia (820), Turkey (566), Romania (599)


Pray for fellow Prayer Community Members (previously Prayer Partners)


  - Please share this email with friends and encourage them to sign up as Prayer Community Members.  

   - Praise God for these new Community Members.


Shibam, Nashwa(Indonesia), Laxmi(Nepal), Angel, Doris(Nigeria), Idress(Turkey), Vlad(Romania), Amalia(Romania).


SPECIAL REQUEST:  asking for Members to submit prayers that can be published in coming emails, like the prayer below written by John(Sydney).


Continue to pray this prayer of deliverance written by Prayer Partner John (Sydney):


" In the name of Jesus, through His precious blood, we command every evil spirit to leave these poor souls now in Jesus’ name.  These petitioners belong to you.   We pray freedom in the name of Jesus.   We pray Shalom.  we pray security and comfort of Jesus.  In Jesus name Amen!”.



Bruce Frost



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